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Review:  NEW YORK TIMES, Gene Thornton, December 26,1976
"An outstanding discovery..." "can stand comparison with the works of August Sander, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn."

Review:  THE BLACKWATER GAZETTE, New London, New Hampshire, John Skow, December 12, 1976
"a powerful and unsettling book..." "strange gallery of souls ... "

Review:  THE SACRAMENTO BEE, Max Norris, December 12, 1976
"truly outstanding"

Review:  COUNTRY JOURNAL, December, 1976
"photographs [that] reveal with immense, uncanny power the pride, stoicism, simplicity and clannishness of the plain country people who were his subjects."

Review:  ARTNEWS, November, 1976
"...Julia Scully compares Disfarmer's portraits to those of August Sander, Irving Penn and Diane Arbus, and they are equal to the comparison."

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